Saturday, July 18, 2015

Common Failure Diagnosis and Troubleshooting of Motorized Pulley(1)

The motorized pulley should be checked regularly and eliminated trouble timely. The common failure and troubleshooting of motorized pulley will be introduced as shown as below:

1.The current of motor is low, and the cylindrical body doesn’t rotate.
Troubleshooting method: Motor should be checked regularly to know whether it is normal or not. If motor is normal, it indicates that there might be broken in coupling pin shaft ,after changing the coupling pin shaft and start the machine to prevent the more severe consequences.

2.Oil leakage in pulley ends and coupling rotating parts. 
Troubleshooting method: Tighten the spring coil or replace the grease seal.

3.Oil leakage in end cover. 
Troubleshooting method: Tighten the oil plug and change to grease resistant rubber gasket.

4.Oil leakage in the connection parts of cover and cylinder body. 
Troubleshooting method: Check whether the connecting bolts are loosen or not and check if the ventilation plug and air outlet are blocked, unclogging it or clean it if it is blocked.
motorized pulley of conveyor belt

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