Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Traction Components and Tensioning Methods of Bucket Elevators (2)

This article is the continuation of previous one which is more knowledge about traction components and tensioning methods of bucket elevators.

3.Heavy hammer tensioning, heavy hammer directly putting the force on the part of lower bearing housing via its supportive stand, This resulted with the lower part is tied up with the respective components throughout its sprocket. By comparing to the hammer lever tensioning method, it has the same tensioning achievement, but it is heavier. Therefore, it has often been used at the plate chain elevator which has heavier components. Occupied smaller space and it is an automatic tensioning method.

bucket elevators calcuation

4.Compound tensioning, it is a combination of heavy hammer and mechanical spring, the pressure is applying on the bearing at the lower part of the machine. And this causes the lower drive wheel to tie up. A set of compression spring is added in the between of heavy hammer and lower bearing, so that the tail part wheel axis contains certain buffering effect to overcome the pressure when it is overload. However, please remind that both sides of the hammer block have to be equal weight to prevent imbalance.
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