Tuesday, December 29, 2015

How to identify whether there is roller bearing fault or not?

As is known to all, roller is the main part of belt conveyor, while bearing is the precision part of roller, but in the process of using, bearing is the most prone to fail, then how to troubleshoot the problem? It is important to improve the productivity and economy if it can be identified and predicted by the not removal of the bearing in the operation.  
check conveyor rollers fault
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First of all, we can judge whether there is failure by sound, but this requires operators with rich experience and rigorous training to identify there is bearing noise;
Then, it can be judged according to the equipment temperature . There are some limitations of this method, we need to record temperature changes to determine whether the bearing fault or not only in the operating state;
Finally, when lubricate the bearing, we can also judge bearing whether there is fault or hidden trouble from dirty lubricant, if it is mixed with foreign matter ,other metal powder or dust, the bearing is bound to a fail.   
How to identify conveyor roller
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