Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Solutions for Belt Conveyor Roller Inflexible Rotation

As an important part of the belt conveyor,roller plays an important role in the process of conveying.During the operation, the belt conveyor roller may be inflexible rotation when conveying the material.In order to keep the conveyor belt roller running better,here,PK Machinery would like to introduce the handling methods as follows.
Firstly,you should ensure the accuracy of specified requirements during conveyor roller manufacturing process.
1.The precision stamping and the inner hole of the bearing should reach three.
2.The dimensional tolerance,coaxial degree and ovality of the pipe body two ends must conform to the national standard,can not exceed the tolerance. 
Secondly,you should ensure the good sealing and enough lubrication.
In addition to ensure the quality of manufacturing, it also should be with good lubrication materials, such as lithium base grease which can improve the bearing lubrication and prolong the service life of the roller is necessary.
Bearing pedestal uses labyrinth seal structure of radial ball bearing supporting and plastic sealing ring, which can guarantee work roller reasonable force, while good dust effects, resistance, and easy assembly and maintenance, can effectively reduce the transport machine operating costs.

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