Wednesday, December 23, 2015

What Factors Lead to Inflexible Rotation of Conveyor Roller?

In our daily use of conveyor roller, inflexible rotation phenomenon may occur during the operation, what factors lead to inflexible rotation of conveyor roller? Let’s see the following two parts:
The manufacturing quality of belt conveyor idlers
The manufacturing problems of belt conveyor mainly are bearing lacks of rigidity, difficult to ensure the roller assembly accuracy , which restricts the operation flexibility.
Sealing, lubrication and maintenance
Because of belt conveyor working environment is relatively poor, generally, operation site is full of dust, and the bearing sealing form has big influence on roller operation flexibility. If sealing poor, dirt can easily enter into the bearing inner which causes inflexible rotation; in addition, if bearing grease adopts common calcium base grease ,it is easy to change color and become dry, can't reach a very good lubrication effect.