Monday, November 16, 2015

The Difference between Tapered self-aligning roller and Friction self-aligning roller

Tapered self-aligning roller is similar with Friction self-aligning roller in structure which are mentioned when introduce the belt conveyor, their purpose is protecting belt and preventing belt deviation. However, in the process of actual use, there is a big difference between them.
The main difference:
Tapered self-aligning roller
1.Stability performance: these two kinds of roller have their own advantages and disadvantages. Tapered self-aligning roller provides a more stable transport environment for belt and material, but since the tapered roller with a certain angle, if carries the material for a long time, it will increase the radial offset of roller. While friction self-aligning roller has a stable structure so that it can carry material for a long time and won’t be influenced. but there is a certain angle between belt and roller due to design of friction pulley, the joint degree of friction self-aligning roller is lower than tapered self-aligning roller, which will reduce the stability performance of belt conveyor.
2.Friction coefficient: concerning this aspect, tapered self-aligning roller has advantage over the friction self-aligning roller, tapered self-aligning roller has a special body design of roller, it could extremely increase joint degree of belt and roller to make the belt adapt to tapered roller, it also greatly reduce the force of friction.
Friction self-aligning roller
3.Sealing Performance: the sealing performance of friction self-aligning roller is better than tapered self-aligning roller, the friction one adopts the design with independent installation of the friction pulley to promise a good sealing performance, however, because tapered self-aligning roller has a different diameter of pipe, it increase the difficulty of seal, meanwhile, performance of seal is also reduced.
4.Production cost: the structure and technology of tapered self-aligning roller are much simpler, so the cost is low, but if in the long run of using, the friction self-aligning roller is more stable and durable.
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Friday, November 6, 2015

The Video show you the introduction of Conveyor Belt Roller

The Video show you the introduction of Conveyor Belt Roller

Belt conveyor roller has the highest quantity and is the most carrying parts of belt conveyor. Impact roller, friction centering carrier roller, belt conveyor roller, and so on are included. It plays the main role to support the belt conveyor and the weight of material, so the conveyor belt works smoothly. Here PK Machinery will show you a better understanding about it.Hope the following video will help you.

This video show that the conveyor belt Idler is mainly composed of steel pipe, shaft, bearing, bearing block, labyrinth seal, etc.It is the complete manufacturing equipment for conveyor belt rollers/idlers in our factory.How much do you know the working of the conveyor belt roller?Here the video will show you the processing of conveyor belt roller.Wish it can help you have a better understanding.

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