Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Application and Introduction of Rainproof Cover

In the process of operation,rainproof cover plays an important role in conveyor.It can be widely used in power plants, cement plants, steel plants, chemical plants, coal plant, port, dock, mine enterprises.The following are the application and introduction of rainproof cover which prolong the service life of conveyor during the operation:
Rainproof is also known as color rainproof cover, conveyor rainproof cover, conveyor dustproof cover etc..Rainproof cover can be widely used in power plants, cement plants, steel plants, chemical plants, coal plant, port, dock, mine enterprises. Rainproof cover has a great effect on the goods and environment. It can reduce the loss and waste of the goods in the transportation.It can ensure safe and reliable of belt conveyor in the transportation. Also, rainproof cover prolongs the service life of conveyor.
TypesRainproof cover has the stationary type, open type and with observation window type. We can know clearly whether the belt conveyor is running or not. The main colors of rainproof cover is blue, black, red and others.
Installation1.As two of the  rainproof cover, stationary type and open type cover are made of galvanized corrugated steel or color coated steel.Generally, in every 10 covers,there are 9 stationary type covers and 1 open type cover. Also, these two covers can be arranged alternately.
2.The framework of fixed belt conveyor is connection angle steel or Z steel, and its length is the same as the  cover of belt conveyor. If it needs to install the support angle steel, we should weld the support angle steel  on both sides of the rack,and then weld  the connection angle steel or Z steel to the support angle steel.
3.When we install the rainproof cover, we should install it from one end to the other end in order. Also,it is forbidden to stand in the rainproof cover and should not hit it.
4. We can fix the rainproof cover in the connection angle steel or Z steel by tapping screws. Each one should more than 4 fixed points.
5.We can install one observation type in every 10 other rainproof cover in order to examine or maintain.  

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Common Failure Diagnosis and Troubleshooting of Motorized Pulley(1)

The motorized pulley should be checked regularly and eliminated trouble timely. The common failure and troubleshooting of motorized pulley will be introduced as shown as below:

1.The current of motor is low, and the cylindrical body doesn’t rotate.
Troubleshooting method: Motor should be checked regularly to know whether it is normal or not. If motor is normal, it indicates that there might be broken in coupling pin shaft ,after changing the coupling pin shaft and start the machine to prevent the more severe consequences.

2.Oil leakage in pulley ends and coupling rotating parts. 
Troubleshooting method: Tighten the spring coil or replace the grease seal.

3.Oil leakage in end cover. 
Troubleshooting method: Tighten the oil plug and change to grease resistant rubber gasket.

4.Oil leakage in the connection parts of cover and cylinder body. 
Troubleshooting method: Check whether the connecting bolts are loosen or not and check if the ventilation plug and air outlet are blocked, unclogging it or clean it if it is blocked.
motorized pulley of conveyor belt

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Traction Components and Tensioning Methods of Bucket Elevators (2)

This article is the continuation of previous one which is more knowledge about traction components and tensioning methods of bucket elevators.

3.Heavy hammer tensioning, heavy hammer directly putting the force on the part of lower bearing housing via its supportive stand, This resulted with the lower part is tied up with the respective components throughout its sprocket. By comparing to the hammer lever tensioning method, it has the same tensioning achievement, but it is heavier. Therefore, it has often been used at the plate chain elevator which has heavier components. Occupied smaller space and it is an automatic tensioning method.

bucket elevators calcuation

4.Compound tensioning, it is a combination of heavy hammer and mechanical spring, the pressure is applying on the bearing at the lower part of the machine. And this causes the lower drive wheel to tie up. A set of compression spring is added in the between of heavy hammer and lower bearing, so that the tail part wheel axis contains certain buffering effect to overcome the pressure when it is overload. However, please remind that both sides of the hammer block have to be equal weight to prevent imbalance.
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