Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Cause of Bearing Premature Failure

Bearings is a small part which can fix and reduce load coefficient of friction during the processing of mechanical transmission. No matter vibrating screen, belt conveyor, bucket elevator or scraper chain conveyor, bearing is always one of their important parts. However, there is premature failure phenomenon during using. So we will introduce the cause of the bearing premature failure.
Improper installation
A big number of the premature failure bearings are cause by improper installation or the users haven’t realized to use correct installation tools. For correct and effective installation and disassembly,different installations may require mechanical, hydraulic or heating method. Based on professional engineering service technical knowledge, special tools and professional installation, you can get maximum machine trouble-free operation time.
Improper lubrication
Although we do not need to consider this problem if using” free- maintenance” bearing, there are still 36% bearing premature failures are due to incorrect technical parameters of lubricant. Inevitable result is that the bearing lacks of correct lubricant, which will fail prematurely. As bearing is the most difficult part to be accessed in the whole machine, neglecting lubrication may cause all kinds of problems
Bearing is a precision part, they can not work efficiently if they can not keep away from the pollutant. At least 14% of all bearing premature failures are due to pollution problem.