Wednesday, December 30, 2015

How to Solve the Problem of Vibration Motor Frequent Trip?

Almost everyone knows the basic operation of vibration motor, but there are some points we need notice in the process of operation,especially the vibration motor frequent trip problem, according to our technical personnel’s experience, now we introduce some methods to avoid the trip for your reference:
1.Capacity unconformity or aging of vibration motor air switch and overcurrent protective device, just change the switch will solve the problem.
2. The wire cable skin of vibration motor is broken ,this is mostly due to wear and tear during long period use,it can be wrapped with tape.
3. Bearing damages or lacks oil,lead to overload trip.Thus we should replace the bearing timely.
4. Vibration motor power supply doesn’t work,or circuit breaker gets aging.
5. The magnetic circuit performance of vibration motor decline,causing too much current.
The above several problems are relatively simple to handle,according to the corresponding reasons, users themselves can solve them through adopting corresponding methods. If the trip of vibration motor is not caused by the above several reasons, please do not hesitate to contact with us,our engineer will solve the problem for you. 
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Solving Motor Vibration Problems
Vibration Motor

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

How to identify whether there is roller bearing fault or not?

As is known to all, roller is the main part of belt conveyor, while bearing is the precision part of roller, but in the process of using, bearing is the most prone to fail, then how to troubleshoot the problem? It is important to improve the productivity and economy if it can be identified and predicted by the not removal of the bearing in the operation.  
check conveyor rollers fault
belt conveyor roller

First of all, we can judge whether there is failure by sound, but this requires operators with rich experience and rigorous training to identify there is bearing noise;
Then, it can be judged according to the equipment temperature . There are some limitations of this method, we need to record temperature changes to determine whether the bearing fault or not only in the operating state;
Finally, when lubricate the bearing, we can also judge bearing whether there is fault or hidden trouble from dirty lubricant, if it is mixed with foreign matter ,other metal powder or dust, the bearing is bound to a fail.   
How to identify conveyor roller
belt conveyor roller drawing design

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

What Factors Lead to Inflexible Rotation of Conveyor Roller?

In our daily use of conveyor roller, inflexible rotation phenomenon may occur during the operation, what factors lead to inflexible rotation of conveyor roller? Let’s see the following two parts:
The manufacturing quality of belt conveyor idlers
The manufacturing problems of belt conveyor mainly are bearing lacks of rigidity, difficult to ensure the roller assembly accuracy , which restricts the operation flexibility.
Sealing, lubrication and maintenance
Because of belt conveyor working environment is relatively poor, generally, operation site is full of dust, and the bearing sealing form has big influence on roller operation flexibility. If sealing poor, dirt can easily enter into the bearing inner which causes inflexible rotation; in addition, if bearing grease adopts common calcium base grease ,it is easy to change color and become dry, can't reach a very good lubrication effect.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Solutions for Belt Conveyor Roller Inflexible Rotation

As an important part of the belt conveyor,roller plays an important role in the process of conveying.During the operation, the belt conveyor roller may be inflexible rotation when conveying the material.In order to keep the conveyor belt roller running better,here,PK Machinery would like to introduce the handling methods as follows.
Firstly,you should ensure the accuracy of specified requirements during conveyor roller manufacturing process.
1.The precision stamping and the inner hole of the bearing should reach three.
2.The dimensional tolerance,coaxial degree and ovality of the pipe body two ends must conform to the national standard,can not exceed the tolerance. 
Secondly,you should ensure the good sealing and enough lubrication.
In addition to ensure the quality of manufacturing, it also should be with good lubrication materials, such as lithium base grease which can improve the bearing lubrication and prolong the service life of the roller is necessary.
Bearing pedestal uses labyrinth seal structure of radial ball bearing supporting and plastic sealing ring, which can guarantee work roller reasonable force, while good dust effects, resistance, and easy assembly and maintenance, can effectively reduce the transport machine operating costs.

conveyor roller

Monday, November 16, 2015

The Difference between Tapered self-aligning roller and Friction self-aligning roller

Tapered self-aligning roller is similar with Friction self-aligning roller in structure which are mentioned when introduce the belt conveyor, their purpose is protecting belt and preventing belt deviation. However, in the process of actual use, there is a big difference between them.
The main difference:
Tapered self-aligning roller
1.Stability performance: these two kinds of roller have their own advantages and disadvantages. Tapered self-aligning roller provides a more stable transport environment for belt and material, but since the tapered roller with a certain angle, if carries the material for a long time, it will increase the radial offset of roller. While friction self-aligning roller has a stable structure so that it can carry material for a long time and won’t be influenced. but there is a certain angle between belt and roller due to design of friction pulley, the joint degree of friction self-aligning roller is lower than tapered self-aligning roller, which will reduce the stability performance of belt conveyor.
2.Friction coefficient: concerning this aspect, tapered self-aligning roller has advantage over the friction self-aligning roller, tapered self-aligning roller has a special body design of roller, it could extremely increase joint degree of belt and roller to make the belt adapt to tapered roller, it also greatly reduce the force of friction.
Friction self-aligning roller
3.Sealing Performance: the sealing performance of friction self-aligning roller is better than tapered self-aligning roller, the friction one adopts the design with independent installation of the friction pulley to promise a good sealing performance, however, because tapered self-aligning roller has a different diameter of pipe, it increase the difficulty of seal, meanwhile, performance of seal is also reduced.
4.Production cost: the structure and technology of tapered self-aligning roller are much simpler, so the cost is low, but if in the long run of using, the friction self-aligning roller is more stable and durable.
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Friday, November 6, 2015

The Video show you the introduction of Conveyor Belt Roller

The Video show you the introduction of Conveyor Belt Roller

Belt conveyor roller has the highest quantity and is the most carrying parts of belt conveyor. Impact roller, friction centering carrier roller, belt conveyor roller, and so on are included. It plays the main role to support the belt conveyor and the weight of material, so the conveyor belt works smoothly. Here PK Machinery will show you a better understanding about it.Hope the following video will help you.

This video show that the conveyor belt Idler is mainly composed of steel pipe, shaft, bearing, bearing block, labyrinth seal, etc.It is the complete manufacturing equipment for conveyor belt rollers/idlers in our factory.How much do you know the working of the conveyor belt roller?Here the video will show you the processing of conveyor belt roller.Wish it can help you have a better understanding.

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Friday, October 30, 2015

How to solve the problem of DC motor abnormal sound?

How to solve the problem of DC motor abnormal sound?

There are many kinds of DC geared motor common fault, here I will talk about it when a failure in the problem of sound, this is also one of the most common problems, why there is a different ring and how to repair? 


If there is no axial channeling dynamic collision caused by the armature, should be a structure have loose phenomenon. Everyone please remember a principle: The pole on the gasket shouldn’t be got rid of more often, this will affect the motor performance and running state, about the problem of noise here is the following method: open the electric control system of the motor power supply access oscilloscope waveform is there lack of wave head, lacks can produce vibration and noise, then check the compensation coil and armature connection, if failed it may be the magnetic circuit is too strong, electromagnetic noise, you can put the motor to at the rated speed, to see whether there is in a certain range, and then cut off the power supply. Then to see whether there are noise in the process of slowing down, if not that is electromagnetic noise can be determined, if not it should be mechanical issues. 


So, we in the future when using gear motor, ensure that every time it is in the correct operation, also we can't forget the more at ordinary times of maintenance, it is a good way to prevent or reduce the problem.


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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The daily Care and Maintenance of Motorized Pulley

Are you in trouble with maintaining and repairing motorized pulley when operate the belt conveyor? Come and check this article ,we are sure you will get a satisfied solution ! 
1. In order to create a good condition for normal operation, please check the surrounding environment, fastening bolts, oil leakage, the cable before each start-up.
2. Please start a new pulley with inching running, then it will turn into normal gradually, please check the machine vibration, noise, and temperature heating of each operating component after running for 10 minutes.
3. If oil leakage happens to motorized pulley, please pay attention to check two parts: one is oil seal, check it whether has wear and tear or deformation phenomenon, if any, please replace the cage oil seal timely; the other one is that the air outlet can’t be blocked, if there is blockage, the deposition of dust, grease and sundries shall be removed as soon as possible to ensure smooth access.
4. Regularly check the oil level in the drum is an important part of the daily maintenance, besides, regulation of the oil level height is one of the conditions to ensure the normal operation of the pulley. Inspection methods can be referred according to operation manual.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

What Should Users Notice before Running the Motorized Drum with Anti-reverse?

Recently, we received a feedback from our Thailand client that the motorized drum with anti-reverse of belt conveyor didn’t rotate, here PK Machinery will explain the notice we should note which can avoid this problem effectively:
1.After installation of the whole set belt conveyor, we should check the motorized drum carefully before commissioning, check and make sure the power supply must be identical to the one stipulated by the nameplate.
2.If the motorized drum with anti-reverse, the wires connection must rotate according to the indicated rotate direction.

motorized drum
 3.Check if the oil level of the drum body is satisfied before running. The methods are suggested as below: 
Rotate the drum body, keep the oil outlet as high as 2/3r, see the following figure, then remove the plug and make sure the oil surface is level with the outlet.
(This is important, if without oil, the motorized drum will occurs much noise, even not rotate, and finally it will damage)

motorized drum drawing

Monday, October 12, 2015

Lubrication of Rigid Impeller Feeder

Add sufficient 00# lithium lubricating grease to reducer of rigid impeller feeder,within 6-10 months of being put into use, the transmission and bearing parts of rotary valve should be replaced and the grease also need to be changed. If rotary valve works in a high ambient temperature, humid or too much air return, please shorten the time of changing the new grease.
During operation, please check the lubrication parts every month.
Above mentioned lubrication time is just the minimum requirements, detailed time should be flexible and depends on the operation condition.
List of Lubrication parts
No.Name of Lubrication partLubrication materialLubrication part cycleLubrication method
 1Coupling2# lubricating grease1000 hoursLubricator
 2Bearing seat3# calcium base grease1 monthLubricator
 3Gearmotor00# lithium lubricating grease6 monthsLubricator

rigid impeller feeder with round inlet

Friday, October 9, 2015

Introduction of YZO vibration motor

YZO vibration motor has an extremely wide application scope in many engineering projects as it is a universal type of motor, such as the vibrating equipment used in hydropower construction, building materials, chemical, mining, coal, metallurgy industries etc. The vibrating equipment includes vibrating crusher, vibrating screen, vibrating packing machine, vibrating shake-out machine, vibration molding machine.
The exciting source of YZO vibratory motor is produced by power source and vibration source, the exciting force can be adjusted steplessly and it is easy to operate. 

YZO vibrator motor is not only can be applied in general vibrating equipment, but also can work in the forms of a combination of a variable vibration types, such as planispiral, spiral, shaking vibration, combination straight line, combination of long elliptic,compound double amplitude ,these vibration forms can produce new vibration equipment.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Application and Introduction of Rainproof Cover

In the process of operation,rainproof cover plays an important role in conveyor.It can be widely used in power plants, cement plants, steel plants, chemical plants, coal plant, port, dock, mine enterprises.The following are the application and introduction of rainproof cover which prolong the service life of conveyor during the operation:
Rainproof is also known as color rainproof cover, conveyor rainproof cover, conveyor dustproof cover etc..Rainproof cover can be widely used in power plants, cement plants, steel plants, chemical plants, coal plant, port, dock, mine enterprises. Rainproof cover has a great effect on the goods and environment. It can reduce the loss and waste of the goods in the transportation.It can ensure safe and reliable of belt conveyor in the transportation. Also, rainproof cover prolongs the service life of conveyor.
TypesRainproof cover has the stationary type, open type and with observation window type. We can know clearly whether the belt conveyor is running or not. The main colors of rainproof cover is blue, black, red and others.
Installation1.As two of the  rainproof cover, stationary type and open type cover are made of galvanized corrugated steel or color coated steel.Generally, in every 10 covers,there are 9 stationary type covers and 1 open type cover. Also, these two covers can be arranged alternately.
2.The framework of fixed belt conveyor is connection angle steel or Z steel, and its length is the same as the  cover of belt conveyor. If it needs to install the support angle steel, we should weld the support angle steel  on both sides of the rack,and then weld  the connection angle steel or Z steel to the support angle steel.
3.When we install the rainproof cover, we should install it from one end to the other end in order. Also,it is forbidden to stand in the rainproof cover and should not hit it.
4. We can fix the rainproof cover in the connection angle steel or Z steel by tapping screws. Each one should more than 4 fixed points.
5.We can install one observation type in every 10 other rainproof cover in order to examine or maintain.  

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Common Failure Diagnosis and Troubleshooting of Motorized Pulley(1)

The motorized pulley should be checked regularly and eliminated trouble timely. The common failure and troubleshooting of motorized pulley will be introduced as shown as below:

1.The current of motor is low, and the cylindrical body doesn’t rotate.
Troubleshooting method: Motor should be checked regularly to know whether it is normal or not. If motor is normal, it indicates that there might be broken in coupling pin shaft ,after changing the coupling pin shaft and start the machine to prevent the more severe consequences.

2.Oil leakage in pulley ends and coupling rotating parts. 
Troubleshooting method: Tighten the spring coil or replace the grease seal.

3.Oil leakage in end cover. 
Troubleshooting method: Tighten the oil plug and change to grease resistant rubber gasket.

4.Oil leakage in the connection parts of cover and cylinder body. 
Troubleshooting method: Check whether the connecting bolts are loosen or not and check if the ventilation plug and air outlet are blocked, unclogging it or clean it if it is blocked.
motorized pulley of conveyor belt

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Traction Components and Tensioning Methods of Bucket Elevators (2)

This article is the continuation of previous one which is more knowledge about traction components and tensioning methods of bucket elevators.

3.Heavy hammer tensioning, heavy hammer directly putting the force on the part of lower bearing housing via its supportive stand, This resulted with the lower part is tied up with the respective components throughout its sprocket. By comparing to the hammer lever tensioning method, it has the same tensioning achievement, but it is heavier. Therefore, it has often been used at the plate chain elevator which has heavier components. Occupied smaller space and it is an automatic tensioning method.

bucket elevators calcuation

4.Compound tensioning, it is a combination of heavy hammer and mechanical spring, the pressure is applying on the bearing at the lower part of the machine. And this causes the lower drive wheel to tie up. A set of compression spring is added in the between of heavy hammer and lower bearing, so that the tail part wheel axis contains certain buffering effect to overcome the pressure when it is overload. However, please remind that both sides of the hammer block have to be equal weight to prevent imbalance.
In addition, PK machinery supplies belt conveyorbucket elevatorvibrating screen etc. for several years. With abundant engineering design experience, professional technical ability and strict fabricating specification, PK machinery wins the highly praise from clients all over the world, any inquiry, please feel free to contact us!

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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Do You Know Why There is Conveyor Belt Deviation Phenomenon?

You only know the deviation adjusting device damages can cause the belt running deviation? Here PK Machinery has analyzed twenty reasons as follows.Do you want to learn more? Please check the following link.

The Structure and Features of Circular Vibrating Screen

Circular vibrating screen machine mainly consists of screen box, screen mesh, vibrator, damping spring mechanism, chassis, etc. Adopting cylinder postures eccentric shaft vibrator and eccentric block to adjust the amplitude, vibrator is installed on the screen box side plate, and rotation of belt drove by the motor, which generates centrifugal force and forces vibration of sieve box. Screening machine's side panel is made of high qualified steel plate, there is high strength bolt or ring groove rivet used for connection of side panel, beams and vibration. Vibrator is installed on the screen box side plate, driven by motor through coupling spin, along with all the produce centrifugal force to make the screen vibrate.
Features of circular vibrating screen are as follows.
A:using eccentric block as exciting force, and the force is strong.
B:there is high strength bolt connection between beam and box of screen without welding.
C: simple structure, easy to maintain.
D: using tire coupling with flexible connection and reliable operation.

E: small amplitude, high efficiency, large dip angle structure, long service life, large capacity, low electricity consumption and low noise.