Saturday, October 17, 2015

What Should Users Notice before Running the Motorized Drum with Anti-reverse?

Recently, we received a feedback from our Thailand client that the motorized drum with anti-reverse of belt conveyor didn’t rotate, here PK Machinery will explain the notice we should note which can avoid this problem effectively:
1.After installation of the whole set belt conveyor, we should check the motorized drum carefully before commissioning, check and make sure the power supply must be identical to the one stipulated by the nameplate.
2.If the motorized drum with anti-reverse, the wires connection must rotate according to the indicated rotate direction.

motorized drum
 3.Check if the oil level of the drum body is satisfied before running. The methods are suggested as below: 
Rotate the drum body, keep the oil outlet as high as 2/3r, see the following figure, then remove the plug and make sure the oil surface is level with the outlet.
(This is important, if without oil, the motorized drum will occurs much noise, even not rotate, and finally it will damage)

motorized drum drawing