Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The daily Care and Maintenance of Motorized Pulley

Are you in trouble with maintaining and repairing motorized pulley when operate the belt conveyor? Come and check this article ,we are sure you will get a satisfied solution ! 
1. In order to create a good condition for normal operation, please check the surrounding environment, fastening bolts, oil leakage, the cable before each start-up.
2. Please start a new pulley with inching running, then it will turn into normal gradually, please check the machine vibration, noise, and temperature heating of each operating component after running for 10 minutes.
3. If oil leakage happens to motorized pulley, please pay attention to check two parts: one is oil seal, check it whether has wear and tear or deformation phenomenon, if any, please replace the cage oil seal timely; the other one is that the air outlet can’t be blocked, if there is blockage, the deposition of dust, grease and sundries shall be removed as soon as possible to ensure smooth access.
4. Regularly check the oil level in the drum is an important part of the daily maintenance, besides, regulation of the oil level height is one of the conditions to ensure the normal operation of the pulley. Inspection methods can be referred according to operation manual.