Monday, October 12, 2015

Lubrication of Rigid Impeller Feeder

Add sufficient 00# lithium lubricating grease to reducer of rigid impeller feeder,within 6-10 months of being put into use, the transmission and bearing parts of rotary valve should be replaced and the grease also need to be changed. If rotary valve works in a high ambient temperature, humid or too much air return, please shorten the time of changing the new grease.
During operation, please check the lubrication parts every month.
Above mentioned lubrication time is just the minimum requirements, detailed time should be flexible and depends on the operation condition.
List of Lubrication parts
No.Name of Lubrication partLubrication materialLubrication part cycleLubrication method
 1Coupling2# lubricating grease1000 hoursLubricator
 2Bearing seat3# calcium base grease1 monthLubricator
 3Gearmotor00# lithium lubricating grease6 monthsLubricator

rigid impeller feeder with round inlet