Friday, October 9, 2015

Introduction of YZO vibration motor

YZO vibration motor has an extremely wide application scope in many engineering projects as it is a universal type of motor, such as the vibrating equipment used in hydropower construction, building materials, chemical, mining, coal, metallurgy industries etc. The vibrating equipment includes vibrating crusher, vibrating screen, vibrating packing machine, vibrating shake-out machine, vibration molding machine.
The exciting source of YZO vibratory motor is produced by power source and vibration source, the exciting force can be adjusted steplessly and it is easy to operate. 

YZO vibrator motor is not only can be applied in general vibrating equipment, but also can work in the forms of a combination of a variable vibration types, such as planispiral, spiral, shaking vibration, combination straight line, combination of long elliptic,compound double amplitude ,these vibration forms can produce new vibration equipment.

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