Friday, October 30, 2015

How to solve the problem of DC motor abnormal sound?

How to solve the problem of DC motor abnormal sound?

There are many kinds of DC geared motor common fault, here I will talk about it when a failure in the problem of sound, this is also one of the most common problems, why there is a different ring and how to repair? 


If there is no axial channeling dynamic collision caused by the armature, should be a structure have loose phenomenon. Everyone please remember a principle: The pole on the gasket shouldn’t be got rid of more often, this will affect the motor performance and running state, about the problem of noise here is the following method: open the electric control system of the motor power supply access oscilloscope waveform is there lack of wave head, lacks can produce vibration and noise, then check the compensation coil and armature connection, if failed it may be the magnetic circuit is too strong, electromagnetic noise, you can put the motor to at the rated speed, to see whether there is in a certain range, and then cut off the power supply. Then to see whether there are noise in the process of slowing down, if not that is electromagnetic noise can be determined, if not it should be mechanical issues. 


So, we in the future when using gear motor, ensure that every time it is in the correct operation, also we can't forget the more at ordinary times of maintenance, it is a good way to prevent or reduce the problem.


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