Wednesday, December 30, 2015

How to Solve the Problem of Vibration Motor Frequent Trip?

Almost everyone knows the basic operation of vibration motor, but there are some points we need notice in the process of operation,especially the vibration motor frequent trip problem, according to our technical personnel’s experience, now we introduce some methods to avoid the trip for your reference:
1.Capacity unconformity or aging of vibration motor air switch and overcurrent protective device, just change the switch will solve the problem.
2. The wire cable skin of vibration motor is broken ,this is mostly due to wear and tear during long period use,it can be wrapped with tape.
3. Bearing damages or lacks oil,lead to overload trip.Thus we should replace the bearing timely.
4. Vibration motor power supply doesn’t work,or circuit breaker gets aging.
5. The magnetic circuit performance of vibration motor decline,causing too much current.
The above several problems are relatively simple to handle,according to the corresponding reasons, users themselves can solve them through adopting corresponding methods. If the trip of vibration motor is not caused by the above several reasons, please do not hesitate to contact with us,our engineer will solve the problem for you. 
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